John and Crescent Giffard are the 29th generation of Giffards to make this very special place their home and while they adapt and modernize they hope to preserve the best of the past and capture the beauty and grace of another era. Chillington is first and foremost an intimate family home, but it has an indefinable charm that despite its formal facade will stay with you forever.

The Giffard Family Children Playing at Chillington Hall.jpg
From the family photo album dated 1922

The Estate has passed down through the generations mainly from father to son. There have only been a couple of deviations where it went from brother to brother and out to a cousin at one point, but John and Crescent have two sons and four grandchildren and hope that the next couple of generations will continue the tradition!

'The Squire' - John's Grandfather. Sept 1920

The Estate is still owned and run on a day to day basis by John & Crescent. Their eldest son and heir Charlie also takes an active role in its management. The Hall is open to the public on certain summer afternoons, and hosts a rich programme of events such as guided walks, craft fairs and fine dining.  A lot of the estate land and residential properties are tenanted out, but the immediate park and woodlands surrounding the Hall are managed by the team employed by the Giffards.

Charlie Giffard walking through the Chillington Estate Giffards.
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